Take It’s the cannabis holiday we’ve all been waiting for! Like Christmas OG and Black Friday Kush rolled together into a giant joint of fun. However you wish to spend it, here are some ideas and tips for elevating your 4/20.

Throw a Cannabis Themed Party

What better way to spend a holiday than with friends? Celebrate with copious amounts of cannabis and good company. It doesn’t have to be high effort. It can be as simple as stocking up on pre-rolls and flower, grabbing some snacks at the store, and setting up the Mario Kart in the corner. It can also be elevated with cannabis-themed decorations or making the event a potluck! Get creative with it! Perhaps a munchie charcuterie board contest? Who can roll the best? The possibilities are endless.

Stoner Movie Marathon With Friends

Maybe the idea of entertaining while high is overwhelming or maybe just hanging out is more your speed. Reminisce over the old days with friends sitting on the couch for hours, laughing to tears and binging your favorite movies together. Maybe even smoke a Cheech & Chong pre-roll while watching Up in Smoke or some Pineapple Express while watching, you guessed it, Pineapple Express. Make a list with your buddies of all your favorites, make sure you’ve got the necessary streaming services or hard copies, then on 4/20 sit back, relax, and make new memories.

Bake and Get Baked

Try your hand at baking your own edibles and make a day of it. With a homemade canna butter or oil, the only limit is your imagination. Any recipe that requires butter or oil can be altered to include your infused fat. The best part? At the end of the day you can enjoy your creations! Need inspiration or guidance? Check out these awesome recipes:

Simple Cannabutter

Canna Chex Mix

Martha Stewart’s ‘To-Die-For’ Pot Brownies

Infused Guacamole

Take Advantage of Deals

Save some serious green on your green and hit up your favorite dispensary! Take advantage of the deals you only see once a year. Enjoy food trucks, boundless amounts of free goodies from cannabis brands, raffles, giveaways, games, and like-minded company while you’re at it. This year at Silver State Relief, we’ll be having deals unlike ever before. Sign up for our rewards system to be the first to know when the deals drop!

Keep It Simple

Gather the snacks, queue up Planet Earth, jump into your coziest sweats, and get that pizza delivered. It’s time to go classic. While there’s 420 million things you can do this holiday, sometimes the best thing to do is keep it simple. There’s nothing wrong with just staying home and enjoying the holiday at your own pace in your own way.


Safety Tips

TIP #1

Although recreational use in Nevada has been around for 7 years, it’s still not legal to consume cannabis in public. We suggest that you stay true to the underground spirit of 4/20 and consume discreetly and with caution. Reno will be packed with happy stoners—and law enforcement. It’s always best to stay on the right side of the law.

TIP #2

Strategize for the holiday weekend! Stay on top of your transportation from event to event. DO NOT CONSUME AND DRIVE. Plan properly and use a rideshare or designated driver. We want you to be safe, and we want everyone else on the road to be safe, too. Hand in hand with Tip #1, driving while high is illegal.

TIP #3

Take the edible “golden rule” and apply it to the day as a whole. Start low and go slow! It’s easy to go overboard and overconsume. It’s fun to melt into the couch, but not so fun when it’s with panic or nausea. Pace yourself, it’s that simple.