Cannabinoids and Terpenes Commonly Found in Our Flower

lemon slices, peppercorn, and cannabis leaves


Psychoactive cannabinoid with effects that might include pain relief, drowsiness, anxiety relief, euphoria, increased appetite, reduced nausea and memory impairment. In some people its effects include paranoia, anxiety and nausea.

Non-intoxicating cannabinoid with effects that might include pain reduction, improved sleep and relief from anxiety and depression. Highly regarded among many people for its many potential health benefits, although more research is necessary.

Mildly psychoactive cannabinoid with effects that might include relief from anxiety, depression and stress as well as increased drowsiness, and full-body relaxation.

Non-intoxicating cannabinoid with effects that might include relaxation, pain relief, uplifted mood and increased energy.

Non-intoxicating cannabinoid with effects that might include reduced pain, muscle relaxation and relief from anxiety and depression.

Common Terpenes:

Effects may include pain relief, calmness, and reduced anxiety. Flavor profile: sweet and floral. Also found in: chamomile.

Effects may include anxiety relied, increased mood, and pain relief. Flavor profile: peppery and spicy. Also found in pepper.

Effects may include pain relief, calmness, and appetite suppression. Flavor profile: woody and earthy. Also found in: hops.

Effects may include increased energy, creativity, arousal, elevated mood and stress relief. Flavor profile: citrus. Also found in: lemons and oranges.

Effects may include relaxation, sleep aid, calmness, and reduced anxiety. Flavor profile: floral. Also found in: lavender.

Effects may include sedation, relaxation, sleepiness, pain relief, and reduced anxiety. Flavor profile: sweet and earthy. Also found in: mangoes and lemongrass.

Effects may include alertness, memory retention, uplifted mood, and anxiety reduction. Some people have reported an increase in anxiety with higher doses. Flavor profile: pine. Also found in: pine needles.

Effects may include uplifted mood, stress reduction, relaxation and creativity. Flavor profile: citrus and floral. Also found in: lilac and cumin.

Other Terpenes:

Effects may include pain relief. Flavor profile: citrus and woody. Also found: in rosemary and lemons.

Effects may include body relaxation, uplifted mood, and pain relief. Flavor profile: mint. Also found in: eucalyptus and sage.

Effects may include muscle and joint pain relief. Flavor profile: sweet and fruity. Also found in: green apple skins and nutmeg.

Effects may include increased creativity, euphoria and pain relief. Flavor profile: pine. Also found in: coniferous trees.

Effects may include pain relief, reduced anxiety, sleep aid, and stress relief. Flavor profile: citrus and floral. Also found in: geranium flowers and lemons.

Effects may include reduced anxiety and depression. Flavor profile: minty. Also found in: mint and lemongrass.

Effects may include sedation, anxiety reduction, calmness and pain relief. Flavor profile: citrus and floral. Also found in: jasmine and tea tree.

Effects may include coughing and decongestion. Flavor profile: citrus, sweet and earthy. Also found in: parsley and orchids.

Effects may include reduced anxiety, sedation, pain relief, and calmness. Flavor profile: floral and woody. Also found in: jasmine and tea tree.

Effects may include elevated mood, stress relief, and euphoria. Flavor profile: citrus and sweet. Also found in: oranges.

Ideas and Tips to Elevate Your 4/20 Experience

Ideas and Tips to Elevate Your 4/20 Experience

Take It’s the cannabis holiday we’ve all been waiting for! Like Christmas OG and Black Friday Kush rolled together into a giant joint of fun. However you wish to spend it, here are some ideas and tips for elevating your 4/20.

Throw a Cannabis Themed Party

What better way to spend a holiday than with friends? Celebrate with copious amounts of cannabis and good company. It doesn’t have to be high effort. It can be as simple as stocking up on pre-rolls and flower, grabbing some snacks at the store, and setting up the Mario Kart in the corner. It can also be elevated with cannabis-themed decorations or making the event a potluck! Get creative with it! Perhaps a munchie charcuterie board contest? Who can roll the best? The possibilities are endless.

Stoner Movie Marathon With Friends

Maybe the idea of entertaining while high is overwhelming or maybe just hanging out is more your speed. Reminisce over the old days with friends sitting on the couch for hours, laughing to tears and binging your favorite movies together. Maybe even smoke a Cheech & Chong pre-roll while watching Up in Smoke or some Pineapple Express while watching, you guessed it, Pineapple Express. Make a list with your buddies of all your favorites, make sure you’ve got the necessary streaming services or hard copies, then on 4/20 sit back, relax, and make new memories.

Bake and Get Baked

Try your hand at baking your own edibles and make a day of it. With a homemade canna butter or oil, the only limit is your imagination. Any recipe that requires butter or oil can be altered to include your infused fat. The best part? At the end of the day you can enjoy your creations! Need inspiration or guidance? Check out these awesome recipes:

Simple Cannabutter

Canna Chex Mix

Martha Stewart’s ‘To-Die-For’ Pot Brownies

Infused Guacamole

Take Advantage of Deals

Save some serious green on your green and hit up your favorite dispensary! Take advantage of the deals you only see once a year. Enjoy food trucks, boundless amounts of free goodies from cannabis brands, raffles, giveaways, games, and like-minded company while you’re at it. This year at Silver State Relief, we’ll be having deals unlike ever before. Sign up for our rewards system to be the first to know when the deals drop!

Keep It Simple

Gather the snacks, queue up Planet Earth, jump into your coziest sweats, and get that pizza delivered. It’s time to go classic. While there’s 420 million things you can do this holiday, sometimes the best thing to do is keep it simple. There’s nothing wrong with just staying home and enjoying the holiday at your own pace in your own way.


Safety Tips

TIP #1

Although recreational use in Nevada has been around for 7 years, it’s still not legal to consume cannabis in public. We suggest that you stay true to the underground spirit of 4/20 and consume discreetly and with caution. Reno will be packed with happy stoners—and law enforcement. It’s always best to stay on the right side of the law.

TIP #2

Strategize for the holiday weekend! Stay on top of your transportation from event to event. DO NOT CONSUME AND DRIVE. Plan properly and use a rideshare or designated driver. We want you to be safe, and we want everyone else on the road to be safe, too. Hand in hand with Tip #1, driving while high is illegal.

TIP #3

Take the edible “golden rule” and apply it to the day as a whole. Start low and go slow! It’s easy to go overboard and overconsume. It’s fun to melt into the couch, but not so fun when it’s with panic or nausea. Pace yourself, it’s that simple.

Five Products to Try This Spring

Five Products to Try This Spring

For a Walk in the Park:

Try our latest strain, Pineapple Taffy! It’s a lightly sweet sativa strain that delivers an uplifting and clear-headed high! It’s a great one to take a hit of before walking out of your front door. It’ll keep you relaxed while alert enough to take a little urban hike around the neighborhood. Take it from our budtender, Katelyn, “I’m not a sativa girl but this one was really nice, it kept me awake but relaxed!”

For Simply Hanging Out in the Back Yard

Some of our newest products, Uncle Arnie’s Beverages, are a solid choice for a day basking in the sun on the porch or in the back yard. These tasty cannabis-infused drinks are available in a wide variety of flavors from Iced Tea Lemonade to Apple Juice in large and small sizes. Kick back, relax, and take a sip while you take in the glory that is Spring!

For Gardening and Yardwork

Wyld’s CBC products might be your newest best friend when it comes to putting in the hard work. The CBC cannabinoid has been said to promote an uplifted feeling, increased awareness, and alertness. In edible form, you can take advantage of the effects for even longer than inhalation thus making it ideal for the long days ahead prepping the yard for the plants and for summer. Wyld offers their CBC line in THC gummies, or for those who prefer to not get high, in CBD gummies and CBD sparkling drinks.

For Hanging Out with Friends

It’s time to go out and spend time with friends, to defrost a little from the cold winter months! Next time you all get together, impress them with Stiiizy’s Live Resin Liquid Diamond Pods. These cartridge pods are crafted by melting concentrate diamonds into a liquid form to give you the highest potency possible, mixing with live resin to deliver true cannabis flavor. “A dab experience in the palm of your hand.”

For Spring Cleaning:

Not the most fun item on the Spring to-do list, but a necessary one all the same. Why not make it a little more interesting? Visit Silver State Relief, Home of the 4 Pack, to pick up a High Sierra pack of pre-rolls. Four full gram pre-rolls packed with one of our best sativa strains and a decent amount of pinene. The prominent terpene, pinene, will be sure to keep you motivated enough to keep cleaning. The best part is that once you’re done with one, you can move on to the next! That’s four not-so-little treats to reward yourself with as you’re shedding the winter dust.

How to Take Advantage of Your Daily Cannabis Purchase Limit in Nevada.

How to Take Advantage of Your Daily Cannabis Purchase Limit in Nevada.

We understand that many want to max out their Nevada cannabis limit with one visit, but with such big changes, the new limits can be challenging to grasp. How much cannabis can you buy in Nevada under the new 2024 regulations?

We’ve prepared this handy guide to help you make the most of your daily cannabis purchasing limit according to Nevada Cannabis Compliance regulations. We’ll cover the cannabis products you can purchase, how much of each you can buy, and our favorite combinations so you can get the most bang for your Nevada cannabis purchase limit buck.

Nevada Daily Cannabis Purchasing Limit

So how much cannabis can you buy from a dispensary? The legal age to buy cannabis in Nevada is 21, so if you’re old enough to drink, you’re old enough to purchase cannabis in a retail setting. The daily purchase limit for recreational users is 2.5 ounces of flower or 7087.381 milligrams of concentrated cannabis (extracts, edibles, or vape cartridges). 

What Is Cannabis Equivalency?

Because cannabis comes in so many forms, equivalency is used to translate purchase limits so customers can more easily mix and match their favorite forms of cannabis.

In Nevada, the legal purchase limit is 2.5 ounces in the form of cannabis flower. Therefore, 2.5 ounces is 70 grams of flower. If you prefer other forms of cannabis, 70 grams of flower is equivalent to 8 grams of vapes or concentrates. Edible limits are capped at 70 edibles at the average potency of 100mg each (or up to 7087mg in total).

Can I Visit Multiple Dispensaries in One Day?

While you can spread purchases across multiple dispensaries, daily purchase limits still apply. In Nevada, you may not posses more than the stated 2.5 ounces of flower or 7087.381 milligrams of concentrated cannabis at any time.

How Much Cannabis Flower Can I Buy?

Let’s take a look at our limits! Using these conversions, you can mix and match up to 70 grams of cannabis and get a little variety while following Nevada regulations.

  • 2.5 oz of flower = 70 grams
  • 1 oz of flower = 28 grams
  • 1/2 oz of flower = 14 grams
  • 1/4 oz of flower = 7 grams
  • 1/8 oz of flower = 3.5 grams

How Many Edibles Can I Buy?

You can buy up to 7087.381 milligrams of edibles, in other words, about 70 standard 100mg edibles daily. The best way to stay below the legal possession limit of 7087.381 mg is to look at the mg of THC in the edibles you purchase. Edibles may vary from about 5mg up to 100mg per package.

How Much Concentrate Can I Buy?

Nevada regulations specify that you can purchase up to 8 grams of concentrate each day. That means you can purchase about 8 full gram concentrates or 14 half gram concentrates assuming they are all about 85% THC (no more than 885mg each).

How Many Vape Pens or Cartridges Can I Purchase?

If you vape, you might wonder how many cartridges you can buy at once. Of course, you can purchase however many pens you’d like, but vape cartridges are cannabis concentrates, so the 8-gram daily limit still applies. This equates to about 23 .3-gram disposables, 14 half gram cartridges or 8 full gram cartridges following the same 85% (or no more than 885mg) each rule of thumb.

What Are Some Combinations to Mix and Match My Cannabis Products?

Last but not least: the mix and match option! Assuming the standard 100mg edible and 85% concentrate, here are some of our favorite options to try:

  • Flower + Concentrate: 1 oz and 1/8th flower + 5 grams of concentrate
  • Concentrate + Edibles: 5 grams concentrate + 26 edibles
  • Flower + Edibles: 1 oz flower + 41 edibles
  • All Three: 1 oz flower + 4 grams concentrate + 10 edibles
  • Everything, please: 5 eighths + 3 full gram infused pre-rolls + 10 edibles + 2 full gram concentrates + 3 full gram vapes

By following Nevada’s cannabis purchase limits, our friendly budtenders will help you create your perfect cannabis experience!

Dry January: How Cannabis Can Help

Dry January: How Cannabis Can Help

Dry January is a popular movement where individuals abstain from consuming alcohol for the entire month of January. It is often seen as a way to reset and reevaluate one’s relationship with alcohol, promoting better health and well-being. Participants take this opportunity to reflect on their drinking habits, improve their physical and mental health, save money, and challenge themselves to start the year with a fresh perspective.


Cannabis drinks are an easy swap for alcoholic beverages. They come in many different strengths and sizes to fit anyone’s needs. Just like alcohol, there is variety for everyone. Whether you prefer an extra strong shot of THC, a CBD seltzer to sip on, or anything in between, there is a beverage for you. You can decide between carbonated or uncarbonated, big or small, lightly or very sweet—the world of cannabis drinks is vast.


Want to elevate your drink? Make it into a mocktail! Take a look at our summer mocktails list for some inspiration!


Low dose edibles might provide a light buzz and elevated mood comparable to knocking back a few cold ones. There are many low-dose edibles with a variety of cannabinoid combinations on the market these days. Some of the most popular combinations include THC, THC and CBD, as well as THC and CBG. To keep things light, you can also opt for a sativa-specific edible to stay more awake and alert. When taking edibles, remember the “Golden Rule”: start low and go slow. Begin with a low dose and go up as needed. A little can go a long way! Wait 45 minutes to an hour before eating more to avoid unwanted effects.


For a lot of people Dry January means avoiding intoxication altogether. When taking CBD-only products, one can still enjoy the relaxing effects from cannabis without any mind-altering properties. These include but are not limited to tinctures, edibles and drinks! CBD is known to reduce stress and anxiety while relaxing the body, and unlike alcohol, many have reported better sleep and relief from depression.


Alternatively, flower is a good option for those who are looking for something stronger. Half gram pre-rolls, low THC flower, and sativa strains are all good options for someone looking to replace alcohol and stay at least mildly alert. Of course, there are always high THC and indica strains for those who do desire even heavier effects.

The Lazy Stoner’s Guide to Infused Holiday Treats

The Lazy Stoner’s Guide to Infused Holiday Treats

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a warm beverage or dessert while it’s cold out. Pair it with cannabis and it’s bound to be an exceptionally cozy time. Here are some quick, easy ways to get baked without baking.

Hot Chocolate

Add an infused chocolate piece into your hot cocoa and stir until fully melted.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

With some premade cookie dough and crushed up pieces of infused chocolate, you can enjoy the wonders of warm cookies without the hassle. However, you can make an evening of it with a little bit of baking. Did you know you can replace some or all of the chocolate chips in your favorite cookie recipe with broken up pieces of infused chocolate?

The Sleepiest Tea

Add infused honey or a tincture into your tea for an easy ticket to relaxation.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Infused cookie, your favorite ice cream, infused cookie and there you have it, an ice cream sandwich! A warmer twist on this would be throwing a cookie in the microwave for 15 seconds and topping it with a scoop of ice cream.

Hot Toddy

Feeling daring? Replace the regular honey in your hot toddy with infused Cannabella honey!

Pro tip for a high tolerance:

Applicators are an easy way to achieve higher potency and accurate dosing. Newbies beware! Do note that the cannabis flavor will shine through.