We understand that many want to max out their Nevada cannabis limit with one visit, but with such big changes, the new limits can be challenging to grasp. How much cannabis can you buy in Nevada under the new 2024 regulations?

We’ve prepared this handy guide to help you make the most of your daily cannabis purchasing limit according to Nevada Cannabis Compliance regulations. We’ll cover the cannabis products you can purchase, how much of each you can buy, and our favorite combinations so you can get the most bang for your Nevada cannabis purchase limit buck.

Nevada Daily Cannabis Purchasing Limit

So how much cannabis can you buy from a dispensary? The legal age to buy cannabis in Nevada is 21, so if you’re old enough to drink, you’re old enough to purchase cannabis in a retail setting. The daily purchase limit for recreational users is 2.5 ounces of flower or 7087.381 milligrams of concentrated cannabis (extracts, edibles, or vape cartridges). 

What Is Cannabis Equivalency?

Because cannabis comes in so many forms, equivalency is used to translate purchase limits so customers can more easily mix and match their favorite forms of cannabis.

In Nevada, the legal purchase limit is 2.5 ounces in the form of cannabis flower. Therefore, 2.5 ounces is 70 grams of flower. If you prefer other forms of cannabis, 70 grams of flower is equivalent to 8 grams of vapes or concentrates. Edible limits are capped at 70 edibles at the average potency of 100mg each (or up to 7087mg in total).

Can I Visit Multiple Dispensaries in One Day?

While you can spread purchases across multiple dispensaries, daily purchase limits still apply. In Nevada, you may not posses more than the stated 2.5 ounces of flower or 7087.381 milligrams of concentrated cannabis at any time.

How Much Cannabis Flower Can I Buy?

Let’s take a look at our limits! Using these conversions, you can mix and match up to 70 grams of cannabis and get a little variety while following Nevada regulations.

  • 2.5 oz of flower = 70 grams
  • 1 oz of flower = 28 grams
  • 1/2 oz of flower = 14 grams
  • 1/4 oz of flower = 7 grams
  • 1/8 oz of flower = 3.5 grams

How Many Edibles Can I Buy?

You can buy up to 7087.381 milligrams of edibles, in other words, about 70 standard 100mg edibles daily. The best way to stay below the legal possession limit of 7087.381 mg is to look at the mg of THC in the edibles you purchase. Edibles may vary from about 5mg up to 100mg per package.

How Much Concentrate Can I Buy?

Nevada regulations specify that you can purchase up to 8 grams of concentrate each day. That means you can purchase about 8 full gram concentrates or 14 half gram concentrates assuming they are all about 85% THC (no more than 885mg each).

How Many Vape Pens or Cartridges Can I Purchase?

If you vape, you might wonder how many cartridges you can buy at once. Of course, you can purchase however many pens you’d like, but vape cartridges are cannabis concentrates, so the 8-gram daily limit still applies. This equates to about 23 .3-gram disposables, 14 half gram cartridges or 8 full gram cartridges following the same 85% (or no more than 885mg) each rule of thumb.

What Are Some Combinations to Mix and Match My Cannabis Products?

Last but not least: the mix and match option! Assuming the standard 100mg edible and 85% concentrate, here are some of our favorite options to try:

  • Flower + Concentrate: 1 oz and 1/8th flower + 5 grams of concentrate
  • Concentrate + Edibles: 5 grams concentrate + 26 edibles
  • Flower + Edibles: 1 oz flower + 41 edibles
  • All Three: 1 oz flower + 4 grams concentrate + 10 edibles
  • Everything, please: 5 eighths + 3 full gram infused pre-rolls + 10 edibles + 2 full gram concentrates + 3 full gram vapes

By following Nevada’s cannabis purchase limits, our friendly budtenders will help you create your perfect cannabis experience!