For a Walk in the Park:

Try our latest strain, Pineapple Taffy! It’s a lightly sweet sativa strain that delivers an uplifting and clear-headed high! It’s a great one to take a hit of before walking out of your front door. It’ll keep you relaxed while alert enough to take a little urban hike around the neighborhood. Take it from our budtender, Katelyn, “I’m not a sativa girl but this one was really nice, it kept me awake but relaxed!”

For Simply Hanging Out in the Back Yard

Some of our newest products, Uncle Arnie’s Beverages, are a solid choice for a day basking in the sun on the porch or in the back yard. These tasty cannabis-infused drinks are available in a wide variety of flavors from Iced Tea Lemonade to Apple Juice in large and small sizes. Kick back, relax, and take a sip while you take in the glory that is Spring!

For Gardening and Yardwork

Wyld’s CBC products might be your newest best friend when it comes to putting in the hard work. The CBC cannabinoid has been said to promote an uplifted feeling, increased awareness, and alertness. In edible form, you can take advantage of the effects for even longer than inhalation thus making it ideal for the long days ahead prepping the yard for the plants and for summer. Wyld offers their CBC line in THC gummies, or for those who prefer to not get high, in CBD gummies and CBD sparkling drinks.

For Hanging Out with Friends

It’s time to go out and spend time with friends, to defrost a little from the cold winter months! Next time you all get together, impress them with Stiiizy’s Live Resin Liquid Diamond Pods. These cartridge pods are crafted by melting concentrate diamonds into a liquid form to give you the highest potency possible, mixing with live resin to deliver true cannabis flavor. “A dab experience in the palm of your hand.”

For Spring Cleaning:

Not the most fun item on the Spring to-do list, but a necessary one all the same. Why not make it a little more interesting? Visit Silver State Relief, Home of the 4 Pack, to pick up a High Sierra pack of pre-rolls. Four full gram pre-rolls packed with one of our best sativa strains and a decent amount of pinene. The prominent terpene, pinene, will be sure to keep you motivated enough to keep cleaning. The best part is that once you’re done with one, you can move on to the next! That’s four not-so-little treats to reward yourself with as you’re shedding the winter dust.