Dry January is a popular movement where individuals abstain from consuming alcohol for the entire month of January. It is often seen as a way to reset and reevaluate one’s relationship with alcohol, promoting better health and well-being. Participants take this opportunity to reflect on their drinking habits, improve their physical and mental health, save money, and challenge themselves to start the year with a fresh perspective.


Cannabis drinks are an easy swap for alcoholic beverages. They come in many different strengths and sizes to fit anyone’s needs. Just like alcohol, there is variety for everyone. Whether you prefer an extra strong shot of THC, a CBD seltzer to sip on, or anything in between, there is a beverage for you. You can decide between carbonated or uncarbonated, big or small, lightly or very sweet—the world of cannabis drinks is vast.


Want to elevate your drink? Make it into a mocktail! Take a look at our summer mocktails list for some inspiration!


Low dose edibles might provide a light buzz and elevated mood comparable to knocking back a few cold ones. There are many low-dose edibles with a variety of cannabinoid combinations on the market these days. Some of the most popular combinations include THC, THC and CBD, as well as THC and CBG. To keep things light, you can also opt for a sativa-specific edible to stay more awake and alert. When taking edibles, remember the “Golden Rule”: start low and go slow. Begin with a low dose and go up as needed. A little can go a long way! Wait 45 minutes to an hour before eating more to avoid unwanted effects.


For a lot of people Dry January means avoiding intoxication altogether. When taking CBD-only products, one can still enjoy the relaxing effects from cannabis without any mind-altering properties. These include but are not limited to tinctures, edibles and drinks! CBD is known to reduce stress and anxiety while relaxing the body, and unlike alcohol, many have reported better sleep and relief from depression.


Alternatively, flower is a good option for those who are looking for something stronger. Half gram pre-rolls, low THC flower, and sativa strains are all good options for someone looking to replace alcohol and stay at least mildly alert. Of course, there are always high THC and indica strains for those who do desire even heavier effects.