Chronic Migraines? Cannabis is For You!

Chronic Migraines? Cannabis is For You!

“Cannabis and Migraines: A Possible New Treatment Option”

By Nancy-Anne Rose

Cannabis as a medicine has an ancient history with anecdotes dating back to the Vedic period (c.1500 BCE) in India and Nepal. It wasn’t until 1839 that William Brooke O’Shaughnessy introduced the therapeutic potential of cannabis to the western hemisphere, and another 75 years after that until Sir William Osler, the father of modern medicine, proposed its use for the treatment of migraines and headaches. The criminalization of cannabis has since hindered our ability to research its potential; to-date, much of what we understand is largely anecdotal or based on animal or tissue culture experiments. (more…)

Start Changing Minds About Cannabis NOW

Start Changing Minds About Cannabis NOW

“5 Frustrating Misconceptions About Cannabis”

By Rebecca Kelley

As the cannabis movement continues to pick up steam, this question is more timely than ever. Yes, there is a lot of amazing progress being made and people are becoming more educated on the positive qualities of cannabis. However, frustrations persist and some of our followers shared the most aggravating misconceptions they hear on a regular basis. Below are the highlights: (more…)

Know How to Use Your CBDs?

“3 Tips To Getting The Correct CBD Dosage”

By Delilah Butterfield

One of the biggest concerns with medical marijuana is getting the correct dosage of healing cannabinoids. In most oils or dried flowers, it is almost impossible to determine the amount of active ingredient in each dose. Fortunately, Australians and Americans have another, more precise option: hemp CBD oil. Here’s how to get the correct CBD dosage. (more…)

What Does This Mean for CBD in the USA?

“Hold On! The DEA’s Move Against CBD May Not Be Legal”

By Bruce Barcott

The DEA’s attempt to criminalize the status of cannabidiol (CBD) earlier this week has thrown the cannabis industry into an uproar. Hundreds of thousands of patients around the country rely on non-psychoactive CBD products to manage pain, inflammation, seizures, and other medical conditions. Hemp-derived CBD oil was, and continues to be, sold openly in American markets. (more…)

Endorphins & Cannabinoids

“The Runner’s High and the Endocannabinoid System”

By Jeremy Kossen

If you are (or you’ve ever been) an avid runner or obsessive gym rat, you’re likely familiar with that coveted post-workout sense of euphoria popularized as the “runner’s high.” But what exactly is it? The runner’s high has been characterized in scientific literature as “pure happiness, elation, a feeling of unity with one’s self or nature, endless peacefulness, inner harmony, boundless energy, and a reduction in pain sensation.” (more…)